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Dating a Non-Otaku
Although at MaiOtaku we focus on finding other Otaku and fans, sometimes you may date someone with other interests.
Looking At Conventions
Conventions bring together thousands of people with similar interests. It's important to know how, or how not, to look.
Breaking The Ice
Breaking the ice is often the hardest part of talking to new people, but obviously the most important.
How To Move Beyond Friendship
Sometimes you hit a point with a person where you would like to see if they share an interest in you.
Why Date An Otaku
Dating an Otaku is good not just because you share a common interest, but for a multitude of other reasons.
Otaku Speed Dating
MaiOtaku holds Otaku Speed Dating events at conventions!
About Us
Get answers to common questions you might have about our MaiOtaku anime dating website.